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Keynote Topics

Not only does Marćia teach written and oral communications skills, she also conducts motivational speeches and keynotes. Below are the “most frequently requested” topics:

  • Transforming Your Dreams into Reality
  • The Road to Success
  • Everyone Can Achieve Success
  • Your Time Bank: Deposits for Success
  • Life’s Journey: A Straight Road or A Crooked Path
  • Life: Your Reality or Your Illusion

At your next conference, banquet or retreat function, if you want the attendees to give rave reviews, great evaluations or a standing ovation, then you’ll want to invite Marćia as your keynote speaker.

Media and Articles
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HOT-lanta “A Reality Or An Illusion" is an intriguing collection of experiences from Blacks who have moved from every state in the country and 21 different countries.

Travel with each individual and see the lessons learned, tears shed, joys celebrated, struggles unforeseen and victories triumphed as they pass on their wisdom.

Glean secret tips, clever strategies and words of wisdom shared that could help your move anywhere become a tangible reality rather than a tantalizing illusion.


“From Peachtree street to Buckhead, Marcia arms the reader with a treasure chest of information. A savvy tour guide, her business acumen shows you the ins and outs of this southern hot spot. I wish I had this information 20 years ago when I left Philly!”

Dennis Kimbro, Ph.D.
Atlanta , Georgia
Author of Think & Grow Rich: A Black Choice


“I know this is a good book for all people – not just people of color – but for all people. It's a very motivational, inspiring reference book. Especially the back part of the book. It can help people from all walks of life, since it deals with important aspects of life like how we use our time, think, etc. The book shouldn't be geared towards just Blacks. You don't have to be Black to benefit and gain insight and you don't have to be in Atlanta . You could benefit even if you were in Hong Kong . Anyone can apply those principles regardless of the city or country you're based in.”

Ron Cole, Auto Salesman
Cedar Hill, Texas


Everybody's Talking about it!

Marćia Riley is a freelance writer/editor who also teaches written communications for corporate, government and academic clients across the country. She moved to Atlanta in November 1994 to change the family's lifestyle and restructure her business. As a result of the number of experiences she encountered during and after that move, this book evolved.



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